Greek Scouter is here to help you make your dreams true

Our Mission is to provide Greek Scouter members with the most professional services and take care of all their needs off the field, so they can focus only on being the great football players they are. Providing our services first and most from the pure love of the beautiful game, and carrying out uncompromising level of professionalism and integrity. As genuine and passionate football lovers, football had steadily grown from hobby to a fully fledged business in recent times.
Whether you own a football club or you are a football player, you need an honest and proffesional advices that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job.

Our Vision is to change the way the business side of football is being conducted around the world. To become an industry leader as a result of growing respect from our individual members and the football community.
We support the next generation of players with lots of opportunities for professional development, including internal apprenticeships and tuition reimbursement for completing or continuing education also. Therefore, we are encouraging the culture of connecting, engaging, while empowering the people who work here in a culture of learning and discovery.

Our Football Agency has Quality International Relations with clubs all over the world, therefore we are covering all aspects of global modern football.

In conclusion, the last 3 years we have learned to listen to our instincts. If something seems wrong, it probably is – conversely, if something seems right, we go for it. We have learned to say No rather than Yes. As a result, we prepared to change our mind (at least we tried). Most noteworthy, just because we did something one way yesterday does not mean it’s the right way to do something tomorrow. This is how our team is thinking and working.

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