Greek Scouter offers proffesionalism services .
Negotiation process as well as finding a team for the player, scouting tournaments, mental coach, fitness trainer, media advisor, nutritionist, and financial advisor is services that we are giving to our clients as a priority of our life.
In addition, weirdness is part of who we are at GreekScouter. Our employees are creative, intelligent and independent people. We love what we do while we treat each other with respect and generosity. We just do things differently and nurturing that difference is part of our job. Some are specialists, others are generalists, and there are always opportunities to grow – for everyone. That growth can be vertical, horizontal, even diagonal. We follow our own paths, not rigid organizational structures.

Full scouting services, including but not limited to finding tryouts, negotiations, closing contracts, and endorsements. We ensure each player is well taken care of when dealing with GreekScouter.

Mental Coach
Our mental personal coach will be there for the players in the good times and the bad times. Leader on the mental side of the game and is truly the best in the field giving necessary advices

In-House Personal Trainer
In house personal trainer to offer private sessions for Total Football members. We also offer off season group training, as well as coming back from injury assistance to our members.

Media Specialist / Public Relations
Media specialists will be available to assist our players become professional interviewers and spokespeople. In today’s world, the athlete’s public image and their ability to interview properly can be just as important as their performance on the field.

Anutritionist will provide each of our players with a special diet to fit the specific needs of each athlete. Nutritionists maintain relationships with our players to keep up and monitor diet habits. Special offers on nutrition market products will be made available to players.

Financial Advisor
The career of a soccer player is short, and other than prolonging the player’s career as much as possible, it is imperative that the football player makes smart financial investments. Footballers have a reputation of being big spenders, and in too many cases, they are left with no money following their career. We want to ensure that our players are financially secured by the end of their playing career. Therefore, we will provide a financial advisor that will be part of the GreekScouter board.